Pubished on 18 July 2017
Stars shine at Evans Petroleum Cup

The Alex Scott & Staff West Gippsland Football Netball Competition’s under-16 and under-18 representative football teams participated in the Evans Petroleum Cup for the first time at Yinnar last week.

Both sides were very competitive on the day, with Koo Wee Rup’s Josh Smith named West Gippsland’s Player of the Carnival in the U16s and Inverloch-Kongwak’s Ryan Sparkes in the U18s.

Thanks to our coaches Brendan Hickman (U16) and Warren Cawcutt (U18) for their time and effort and Alex Scott & Staff and The Drain Man for supporting our representative campaign.




Full results:


Game 1: Gippsland League 8.4 (52) d West Gippsland 1.3 (9)

GOALS: Trent McMahon 1

BEST: Joshua Smith, Trent McMahon, Noah Bee-Hickman, Fletcher Rennie, Dylan Gallasch, Tarquin McMillan

Game 2: West Gippsland 7.9 (51) d Mid Gippsland FL 2.1 (13)

GOALS: Joshua Smith 3, Gus Da Costa 2, Dylan Gallasch 1, Daniel Vella 1

BEST: Joshua Smith, Dylan Gallasch, Noah Bee-Hickman, Gus Da Costa, Cooper McInnes, Joshua Murphy

Game 3: West Gippsland 7.6 (48) d Ellinbank 1.0 (6)

GOALS: Aiden Box 2, Gus Da Costa 1, Trent  McMahon 1, Noah Bee-Hickman 1, Joshua Smith 1, Bailey Friend 1

BEST: Noah Bee-Hickman, Cale Farrell, Timmothy Weller, Aiden Box, Joshua Smith, Trent  McMahon


Game 1: Gippsland League 7.7 (49) d West Gippsland 0.3 (3)

BEST: Ryan Sparkes, Lochie Peluso, Mitchell  Leek, Jack Johns, Joseph Verleg, Eamon Trigg

Game 2: West Gippsland 3.1 (19) d North Gippsland FL  2.4 (16)

GOALS: Tristan Fernandez-Phillips 2, Darcy Brosnan 1

BEST: Ryan Sparkes, Jye Celebrine, Kale Wilson, Tristan Fernandez-Phillips, Seth Bent, Darcy Brosnan

Game 3: West Gippsland 8.11 (59) d Mid Gippsland FL 0.2 (2)

GOALS: Darcy Brosnan 3, Tristan Fernandez-Phillips 2, Seth Bent 1, Ned Bradley 1, Lochie Peluso 1

BEST: Darcy Brosnan, Tristan Fernandez-Phillips, Ryan Sparkes, Lachlan Scott, Bradley Aldwell, Jye Celebrine

Game 4: Ellinbank FL 6.5 (41) d West Gippsland 2.8 (20)

GOALS: Darcy Brosnan 1, Tristan Fernandez-Phillips 1

BEST: Eamon Trigg, Lachlan Scott, Jack Johns, Lochie Peluso, Tristan Fernandez-Phillips, Kale Wilson