Pubished on 29 August 2017
Island progress, Demons dashed

Qualifying Finals

A Grade – Phillip Island 38 def Dalyston 30

A much anticipated game with both teams having a win each during the home and away season, the scene was set for a high intensity game and it didn’t disappoint. The opening quarter was high pressure with both teams feeling each other out.  Phillip Island using Janelle Smyth (GS) and Kelly O’Neil (GA) in the goal ring had a clear height advantage over Alana McRae(GD) and Tess Angarane (GK), but the Dalyston defenders certainly made up for it in athleticism, proving to be an enthralling contest. The game tied at quarter time.  The Island started the second quarter with a fantastic five zero run and moved the ball through the mid court with ease.  Hannah McRae (WA) and sister Jess (C) were having none of it and rallied the Magpies midcourt and started to win more of the ball.  Kasey Beattie (C) for the Dogs and Jess McRae were going hard at it and it was a great duel to watch for the big crowd.   The Island holding a one goal lead at half time.  Dalyston coach Jenny McRae was looking for more height in the defence end and 15yr old Gemma Thomas entered the game in GD.  It appeared to be an inspired move with Thomas grabbing some early intercepts and looking a good match for O’Neil. Island defender Lawri Piera (GD) was working hard to contain Britt Thomas (GA), making the Magpies girls work the ball around the ring to find an open look. The Dalyston goalers failed to convert a couple of good opportunities and the Dogs skipped out to a four goal lead.  An injury substitution saw Alana McRae re-enter the game into WD with four minutes to play and the affect was instant.  The Dalyston girls getting more drive from the defence end and Britt Thomas converted some high pressure shots to tie the game up 25 all at three quarter time. The start to the final term was intense and physical with teams trading goals with centre possessions. The Island goalers started to get on top of the Dalyston defenders despite Thomas and Angaranes best efforts.  The Island GK, Emily Donvan was playing a sensational game and took a number of crucial incepts that swung the momentum the Dogs way.  Their vocal supporters could sense it too and became louder with each goal.  The Island running away to an impressive eight goal win in a great display on finals netball.  Best Players: Phillip Island: Emily Donavan & Janelle Smyth.  Dalyston: Alana McRae & Jess McRae

B Grade – Dalyston 44 def Inverloch Kongwak 34

Dalyston flew out of the blocks to take an early four goal lead.  Mollie Bloch, Dalyston GS, couldn’t miss, hitting eight goals in the first quarter, to help Dalyston to a three goal lead at the first break.  Jessica Pupetti (WA) was doing well to lift the Sea Eagles and feeding captain Sam Cox (GA) around the ring. Cox, with her lovely fluid action, was goaling well and feeding Courtney Teakle (GS).  However, the Daylston girls were playing a more aggressive brand of netball with Melissa Beveridge (C) beginning to dictate terms in the mid court.  Dalyston five goals up at the main break.  The third quarter was physical.  IK changing sisters, with Kasey Teakle taking over from Courtney in GS with good results early in the quarter with a three goal run but Dalyston were making the most of their opportunities. Laura Williams in defence for Dalyston was a steadying influence late in the quarter. Dalyston going into the final term with a six goal lead quickly grew that with Dayle Egan (GA) converting some early attempts and being urged on by a vocal Dalyston bench. Linsey Boddy (GD) battled on strongly in the last for Inverloch-Kongwak, but it wasn’t enough, Dalyston running away to a ten goal win.  Best Players – Dalyston: Mollie Bloch & Laura Willams.    Inverloch-Kongwak: Sam Cox & Jessica Pupetti

C Grade – Koo Wee Rup 29 def Cora Lynn 19

Koo Wee Rup started the game strongly jumping out to a five goal lead before Cora Lynn rallied late in the quarter.  Donna Marsh throwing herself into the contest for the Cobras but Koo Wee Rup holding a four goal lead at the first break.  Cora Lynn made some changes in the goal ring at the break, moving Kylie Lacunes into GS with Elise Byrne to give them the twin towers in attack.  It paid divide ends straight away with a four unanswered goal run. The Demons fought back strongly through GA Brooke Galante pushing the margin back out to five at half time.  The Koo Wee Rup crowd were loud and boisterous in the third and the girls seemed to feed off it.  Sarah Cammarano was feeding her goalers beautifully. The Demons GS, Jodie Oliver took a heavy fall but it didn’t affect her accuracy, making  some crucial goals directly after to take a 10 goal lead into the three quarter time break.  The fourth quarter was played at a high intensity but Cora Lynn couldn’t make headway on the lead with teams trading goals on centre possessions.  Koo Wee Rup holding their 10 goal lead through to the final siren.  Best Players – Koo Wee Rup:  Brooke Galante & Sarah Cammarano. Cora Lynn: Elise Bryne & Donna Marsh.

17&U – Korumburra Bena 38 def Inverloch Kongwak 23 

Korumburra-Bena jumped the IK girls in the first quarter.  Chloe Hogg on fire early shooting all ten of the Giants first quarter goals to IK’s four.  The second quarter was much the same as the first with the Giants too big and strong at both ends.  IK captain Mille Sadler was trying hard to lift her team with a three goal run, as was Lanni Pryor in the centre.  The Burra-Bena girls nine goals up at half time.  IK threw the changes around in the third with Pryor heading to GD, Sophie Bolam in GS.  The Giants also making a few moves with Seannan Trewin into WA and Casey Walker into the game in WD. The Giants midcourt was well on top with Trewin and Ellie Holmes combining on numerous occasions to drive them into attack.  The sting was definitely out of the game but IK didn’t give up.  Alex Burke driving hard through the mid court for the Sea Eagles, but the Burra-Bena defensive end was very tight. In the final quarter Shae Kyle and Esther Evans continued as they had all game, taking multiple intercepts and deflections. The Giants running out 15 goal victors.  Best Players – Korumburra-Bena: Chole Hogg & Shae Kyle.  Inverloch Kongwak: Millie Sadler & Lanni Pryor

15&U – Korumburra-Bena 39 def Inverloch Kongwak 37.

This was the game of the day! A fantastic display of junior netball played in an excellent spirit.  The first term was very even with goals going with centre possessions.  Sophia Hughes was controlling the mid court for IK and feeding her goalers nicely.  The Burra-Bena girls playing with speed and precision, but IK held a one goal break at quarter time.  IK opened the second with a three goal run, Ella Sadler in GA for IK making the most of every opportunity.  The Giants fought back late in the quarter with a four goal run, Maddie Smith starting to dominate the mid court. The scores all tied up half time.  The third was a tense affair.  Both team’s defensive ends doing a fantastic job.  For the Sea Eagles, Laynee McKenzie was making life very hard for the Burra Bena goalers, while her opposite at the other end Ellie Newton made a number of well-timed interceptions and deflections.  Again scores tied 24 all at three quarter time.  The final quarter was a cracker! Mia Scott from IK made some fantastic pressure shots, with great feeding from the around the ring by WA Hughes. But every time IK looked like breaking away the Korumburra- Bena girls found a way to answer. The full time score again tied at 31 a piece which saw an extra five minutes each end.  The Giants goalers Elisha Nicholas and Darci Holmes displayed excellent patience and sharing of the ball in the extra period and shot with composure and huge pressure. Ella Sadler again making some late high pressure shots, but the extra time ran out with Giants girls two goals up.  Best players – Korumburra-Bena: Ellie Newton & Maddie Smith.  Inverloch-Kongwak – Sophia Hughes & Ella Sadler.

13&U – Cora Lynn 26 def Phillip Island 22

The opening quarter saw both teams trade goals and a number of fumbles with nerves evident on both sides.  Amelie Wragg goaling strongly early for the Island and holding a one goal lead at quarter time. Early in the second, the Island skipped out to a three goal break but Amber Douglas from the Cobras was shooting with accuracy and clawed a couple back to be only one down again at half time. The Cora Lynn coaching staff made a game changing move in the third with Lexi Schade, the smallest player on the court, taking up the GA position.  She dominated her much bigger defenders with her speed and accuracy, shooting eight third quarter goals to give the Coabras a five goal lead going into the last quarter.  The Island were not done with yet, opening the quarter with a four goal run, with Jarah White in everything and feeding her goalers well.  Cora Lynn was able to steady with Shelby Abdallah solid in defence and Schade goaling accurately.  Best players – Cora Lynn: Lexi Schade, Tylah Harris.  Phillip Island – Jarah White, Amelie Wragg.

Elimination Finals

A Grade – Nar Nar Goon 43 def Koo Wee Rup 40

This game was on from the first centre pass with both teams looking for the early break and Nar Nar Goon getting it through the accuracy of Ash Coombes (GA), jumping out to a three goal lead.  Koo Wee Rup were working patiently to get open looks at their attacking end with Steph Broadway (GS) sinking a couple of long bombs.  The Goon up by four goals at quarter time.  The Demons moved Mariah Bell from the bench into GS.  Bell only recently recovered from a serious ankle injury early in season, looked a little proppy early but settled nicely and proved to be the thorn in the Goon’s side.  She goaled super accurately and had her bench up and about after a three goal run. Nar Nar Goon were able to settle, mainly through Georgia Keysers (C) who worked very hard in the mid court.  Nar Nar Goon up six at the long break.  The third was tight and goal for goal early.  Two contrasting types of play emerged. Nar Nar Goon looked great when they played with speed on transition into attack, while Koo Wee Rup looked much more comfortable taking the speed out of the game and working to find the open players and being patient around the ring.  Sheena Clarke (GK) was exceptional for Koo Wee Rup in this quarter, holding onto a number of intercepts. Nar Nar Goon still up six at the final change.  The last quarter was an arm wrestle. Rebecca Christie (GA) joined Bell in goals for the Demons and she was feeding her with some fantastic passes, Bell converting them all.  Breanne Miller (WA) for Nar Nar Goon was running just as hard in the last as she was in the first. Her direct opposite for the that quarter, Brooke Anderson (WA) who had moved out of the centre, was trying desperately to lift her troops with some hard drives through the middle third. Grace Keysers (GD) was having a superb last quarter and was the voice of reason and control for the Goon, showing great leadership down the stretch.  The Demons getting close, but just couldn’t get there, Nar Nar Goon taking the game by three goals and setting up a great game against Dalyston next week.  Best Players – Nar Nar Goon: Grace Keysers & Georgia Keysers.  Koo Wee Rup:  Mariah Bell & Sheena Clarke.

B Grade – Cora Lynn 46 def Nar Nar Goon 40

Another even start for the day with both teams making a numbers of early errors and taking time to settle.  Cora Lynn was first to find their mojo especially through their goalers, Rhianna Glew (GS) and Monica Schade (GA) teaming well and shooting accurately to have the Cobras up seven goals at quarter time.  Maggie White moved into the centre for the Goon and had an instant effect with a number of intercepts and Grace Cunnigham (GA) was shooting well and trying her best to bridge the gap.  But the Cobras were absorbing the pressure well and controlling the midcourt with Andrea Payne (WA) playing a strong quarter & Emily Brook (GK) rock solid in defence.  Cobras up eight goals at the long break. Nar Nar Goon threw everything at the Cobras in the third with Dannell Kitchen (C) lifting her work rate through the centre third. Two three goal runs saw the deficit get back to four at one point, but the Cora Lynn attacking half steadied, Glew (GS) making a number of shots just when her team needed a steading goal.  Cobras up by six going into the last.  Cora Lynn started the fourth with a three goal run making it very hard for the Goon to get momentum.  Payne and Claire Templeton (WD) for Nar Nar Goon were having a great battle in the centre, neither giving an inch. Nar Nar Goon made some late goals to cut the final deficit to six goals.  Best Players – Cora Lynn:  Rhianna Glew & Emily Brook   Nar Nar Goon:  Grace Cunnigham & Dannell Kitchin

C Grade – Bunyip 35 def Korumburra-Bena 30

Goals went with possession for almost the entire first quarter, creating a very even contest.  Tenae Dixon (GK) with a deflection and chase of a loose ball late in the quarter allowed for the first consecutive goals for Burra-Bena, leading by two at the first break.  Bunyip goalers Kelly McMillian (GS) and Tanya Roberts (GA) lifted in intensity and were feed well by WA, Hannah Whyte.  Meg Newton (C) for the Giants and Dannielle McFarlane (C) Buyip were having a great tussel in the midcourt.  The Dogs by three at half time.  Bunyip jumped out  quickly to a six goal break in the third, led by Elise Harrison (GK) who was controlling her team from the defensive end. Burra-Bena worked hard to get back into the game, with their goalers Amy White (GA) and Heidi Greenwood (GS) working hard to get a free look from the Bunyip defenders.  The Giants down three at the last break.  No changes for either team going into the final, which had been the same for the entire game.  Some costly turnovers early in the quarter by the Giants gave Bunyip some breathing space and they were able to hold a four goal lead for most of the quarter, winning the game by five goals.  Best Players – Bunyip: Tanya Roberts & Elise Harrison  Korumburra-Bena:  Tenae Dixon & Meg Newton.

17&U – Phillip Island 39 def Cora Lynn 23

Phillip Island started the game focused and strong, jumping Cora Lynn with a five to one lead, Abbey McCaughan GD taking many intercepts. The Cobras found their feet and settled to pull back the lead, Jazmine Nolan (C) giving some drive in the midcourt, but still down two goals at quarter time.  Cobras made four positional changes to start the second, but the Island were more settled, their mid court, lead by Nell Chaston (C) feeding goalers Kate Kalis (GA) and Emily Lethbridge (GS) who were working well together.  The Dogs holding a five goal lead at half time.  The third quarter proved the turning point of the game with the Island dominating most positions, having a 12 to two goal quarter.  Katelyn Downes (GK) was battling hard in defence for the Cobras, but the ball was coming in too frequently.  The Island well in control a three quarter time, up 15 goals.  Cora Lynn again made a number of changes trying to find a combination that could make some head way on the lead, Sophie Balfour (GS) making an impact with three goal run. But it was the Islands day, far too strong in a great team effort. Best Players – Phillip Island: Abbey McCaughan & Nell Chaston.  Cora Lynn:  Katelyn Downes & Jazmine Nolan.

15&U – Dalyston 26 def Cora Lynn 24

Cora Lynn went into the game undermanned missing a main defender in Morgan Harris who had succumbed to the dreaded flu. The Cobras certainly came out with clear focus and a high intensity to start the game.  Georgia Larsen (GS) for Cora Lynn and Rachle Aitken (GK) looked to be a great match up, with Larsen getting the early points. The Cobras three up at the first break. Dalyston controlled the midcourt in the second, mainly through pocket rocket Dallas Loughridge who’s run could not be matched by the Cobras.  The Magpies up by a goal at the main break.  Cora Lynn moved Charli Rout out of goals and into the centre to try and stop Louhridge’s control of the mid court.  This worked to a certain extent with Rout’s attack and never say die attitude getting the Cobras a handy two goal break for most of the quarter. Larsen was proving to be a handful for the Magpie defenders, sinking eight goals for the quarter.  Cobras up by two going into the last.  The final quarter was intense with goals going with centre possessions. Daylston’s GA, Kathryn Scott came into her own, making some pressure shots to level up the game with two minutes to go. GS Catherine Moutafis hit a great long shot to give the Magpies the lead, the ball heading back down the Cobra’s attacking end but they couldn’t convert.  Dalyston taking out a very entertaining game by two goals.  Best Players  – Dalyston: Kathryn Scott & Dallas Loughridge.   Cora Lynn – Charli Rout & Georgia Larsen.

13&U – Daylston 29 def Korumburra-Bena 26

The Giants started strongly skipping out to a three goal lead in the first few minutes of the game, Sophie McKenzie (GA) very accurate.  The Dalyston girls settled and worked their way into the quarter and ended up with two goal lead at the first break. The Magpies started the second strongly through Zoe Verboon (GA) having a huge height advantage over the Burra-Bena defenders, with her team mates using it to their advantage. The Giants rallied just before half time with a four goal run, set up by Bronte Whyte (C) providing the drive from the mid court.  Dalyston up by a goal at half time.  In the third, Dalyston made the most of their opportunities in attack, with Verboon goaling and rebounding everything in her goal ring. Giants GK, Charli Walker made a number of sensational intercepts but the ball was coming back as quick she could get it out with the Magpies midcourt getting on top.  Dalyston up five goals going into the last.  The Giants started the last with some fantastic long range shooting from Rani Marriott (GS) making three long bombs to get her team with in one goal.  The teams traded goals in line with centre possessions, with the game still in balance with two minutes to play.  Acaica Wallace, GD for the Magpies was playing a super game and made two crucial intercepts to get her team some breathing space.  Dalyston getting the win by three goals.  Best Players – Daylston: Acica Wallace & Zoe Verboon.  Korumburra-Bena:  Charli Walker & Bronte Whyte.

Image courtesy of Pakenham Gazette