Pubished on 22 August 2022

By David Nagel

Get ready for the earth to rumble and body parts to be rattling when arch-rivals Nar Nar Goon and Cora Lynn collide in a mouth-watering elimination final at the Garfield Recreation Reserve on Sunday.

These two haven’t liked each other for a long time, well before the Goon prevailed by eight points in the Ellinbank and District Football League grand final in 2010.

Since then it’s been all one-way traffic in terms of success, with the Cobras winning three premierships in five grand final attempts while the Goon’s biggest advance has been to three losing preliminary finals.

Both teams will be absolutely desperate to knock the other out of contention this time around.

This game was originally scheduled for Bunyip, but heavy rains in the early part of the week saw both teams send communications to league headquarters raising concerns about the surface and requesting a change of venue.

In a common-sense move, the WGFNC agreed and these two fantastic teams will now battle it out on the pristine surface at Garfield.

And it’s important to have the best conditions possible, because at opposite ends of the ground are the two best power-forwards in the competition.

Nathan Gardiner is a proven star, winning his third-consecutive league goal-kicking award this season, pipping first-year Nar Nar Goon spearhead Dermott Yawney by a solitary goal.

Gardiner’s recent form reads like a Tony Lockett autobiography, with bags of 7, 6, 13 and 7 in his last four outings.

That’s 33 goals from four hits….even the great ‘Plugger’ would be proud of that sort of form.

Yawney has been equally as superb for the Goon this year, with his strong leads, high-marking and penetrating kicking for goal making him the ultimate for defenders.

Who stands Gardiner and Yawney – and what are plans B, C and D will be some of the biggest questions swirling around the heads of Luke Young and Shaun Sparks in the build-up.

Speaking of Young, it’s a great credit to the senior coach of the Goon that he has been able to lead his team to this particular point of the season.

Young was informed with six rounds remaining in the season that his contract would be terminated at the end of the Goon’s current campaign, but has stuck fat in his quest to give this playing group some success.

When the Goon’s current run ends…Luke Young will be able to hold his high.

And so too will Sparks, who has turned the Cobras fortunes around after a 0-5 start to the season.

The Cobras, courtesy of some great football and a relatively soft draw, have won 12 of 13 games and enter the finals series on a real high.

With Gardiner and Yawney waiting at either end, the midfield battle will be crucial with Brendan Hermann and Trent Armour taking on Heath and Jaxon Briggs, with Chris Johnson to boot.

And who gets first service?

Will Billy Thomas give the Briggs’ boys first use, or will Eamon Trigg continue his rapid rise through the ruck ranks and lead his side to victory?

Watch out for Trigg to drift forward…he’s a super-tough match up when he does.

Simply can’t wait for this one, and feel like a little kid about to be tucked in on Christmas Eve.

It will be tough, hard and rugged…but it’s the Goon to progress in a thriller by three points.



CLUB                                                FINALS  WON     LOSS      GF’s       FLAGS

NAR NAR GOON                            15          7            8            1            1

CORA LYNN                                     28          17          11          6            3



Saturday, 20 August, 2022

1st Elimination Final (3 v 6)

Bass Recreation Reserve

Seniors:              Inverloch-Kongwak (3) v Warragul Industrials (6)

Reserves:           Phillip Island (3) v Kooweerup (6)

Thirds:                Cora Lynn (3) v Nar Nar Goon (6)

Fourths:              Warragul Industrials (3) v Bunyip (6)

Sunday, 21 August, 2022

2nd Elimination Final (4 v 5)

Garfield Recreation Reserve

Seniors:              Nar Nar Goon (4) v Cora Lynn (5)

Reserves:           Cora Lynn (4) v Bunyip (5)

Thirds:                Phillip Island (4) v Garfield (5)

Fourths:              Korumburra-Bena (4) v Garfield (5)






Reserves = Koowee and Bunyip swap positions

Thirds – Phillip Island and Garfield swap places





Saturday, 20 August

1st Elimination Final (3 v 6)

Bass Recreation Reserve

Sunday, 21 August

2nd Elimination Final (4 v 5)

Bunyip Recreation Reserve


Saturday, 27 August

2nd Semi Final (1 v 2)

Inverloch Recreation Reserve

Sunday, 28 August

1st Semi Final (Winner’s Week 1)

Cora Lynn Recreation Reserve


Saturday, 3 September

Preliminary Final

Dalyston Recreation Reserve

(Loser 2nd Semi Final v Winner 1st Semi Final)


Saturday, 10 September

Grand Final

Kooweerup Recreation Reserve

(Winner 2nd Semi Final v Winner Preliminary Final)