Pubished on 28 March 2017
Sea Eagles soar in season opener

Inverloch-Kongwak is the first team on the board in the Alex Scott & Staff West Gippsland Football Netball Competition.

Toby Mahoney booted five goals as the Sea Eagles claimed a six-goal win against Cora Lynn in an historic opening night of the newly-formed competition.

The visitors also took the points in the the A grade netball bout, with a 52-34 victory.

Spoils were shared throughout the day, with Cora Lynn victorious in the other three grades of football and 13-and-under and C-grade netball contests, while IK claimed wins in the B grade, 17-and-under and 15-and-under games.


Prior to the opening bounce of the main event, Cobras coach David Main hoisted the 2016 Ellinbank and District Football League premiership flag and it was the home side that struck the first blow on the ground with the opening goal of the new era.

However, the visitors responded well and rattled off the next four goals, including three from the boot of Mahoney.


The on-fire forward opened the scoring in the second term to open up a 22-point gap, but Cora Lynn steadied and got back within two goals at the main change.

The Cobras came out firing after half-time, dominating possession and taking better control of the tempo of the game.

They were rewarded with the opening three goals of the term through Billy Thomas and Nathan Langley (two) to snatch the lead.

The two sides traded blows in a see-sawing quarter and just as it looked as though Jackson Dalton’s major would send Cora Lynn in the final change of ends ahead, Dan Houston nailed a tough 40m set shot from near the boundary to restore Inverloch-Kongwak’s lead.

The last quarter was all IK, as the visitors ran riot with seven goals, punctuated with consolations to a well-held Ryan Gillis and the impressive Langley.


Boom recruits Josh Purcell and Shem Hawking led the way for the Sea Eagles, while veteran Andy Soumilas, who played in the final game of the now-defunct West Gippsland Football League, was also prominent.

For Cora Lynn, Langley was well-supported by the likes of Ryan Spierings and Tim Payne.


Senior football

Inverloch-Kongwak 15.11 (101)

Cora Lynn 9.11 (65)


Inverloch-Kongwak: T. Mahoney 5, A. Cross 2, S. Hawking 2, L. Scott, D. Houston, A. Soumilas, T. Wyatt, J. Purcell, O. Toussaint

Cora Lynn: N. Langley 3, N. Helsby, R. Gillis, K. Vandenberghe, J. Monckton, J. Dalron, W. Thomas


Inverloch-Kongwak: J. Purcell, A. Soumilas, S. Hawking, J. Smith, D. Houston, J. Clottu

Cora Lynn: R. Spierings, T. Payne, A. Green, K. White, N. Langley, C. Johnson

Reserves football

Cora Lynn 22.18 (150)

Inverloch-Kongwak 3.5 (20)


Cora Lynn: M. Adair 5, K. Martin 3, J. Ganci 2, J. Frazer 2, S. Dillon 2, D. Cortese 2, D. McLaren, D. Monckton, B. Virgona, R. Martin, J. Blackhurst, T. Garnett

Inverloch-Kongwak: M. MacKay, J. Ivanic, T. Miller


Cora Lynn: K. Martin, B. Virgona, T. Garnett, D. Monckton, B. Draper, D. Binzer

Inverloch-Kongwak: T. Taylor, M. MacKay, B. Withers, T. Whelan, G. Selby, J. Ivanic

Thirds football

Cora Lynn 22.18 (150)

Inverloch-Kongwak 0.2 (2)


Cora Lynn: H. Briggs 5, Z. Williamson 5, M. Rossetti 2, D. Jones, C. Brook, J. Becker, L. Munns, B. Weller, A. Chatfield, J. Mouser, J. Arena, T. Weller, T. Hogan



Cora Lynn: J. Becker, C. Blackwood, H. Briggs, J. Hyland, L. Munns, B. Weller

Inverloch-Kongwak: H. Smith, T. Heislers, Z. Van Delft, Z. Caughey, Z. Javier, M. McCaughan

Fourths football

Cora Lynn 10.12 (72)

Inverloch-Kongwak 6.3 (39)


Cora Lynn: L. Taylor 4, G. Da Costa 2, B. Font, T. Skipwith, J. Chatfield, Z. Rofet

Inverloch-Kongwak: J. Strickland, L. Peterson, J. Soumilas, W. Clarkson, A. Box, J. Hutchinson


Cora Lynn: J. Chatfield, T. Skipwith, G. Da Costa, L. Taylor, Z. Rofet

Inverloch-Kongwak: M. McCaughan, S. Greenhalgh, J. Hutchinson, A. Box, A. Hrvatin, M. O” Flynn

A grade netball

Cora Lynn 34 def by 52 Inverloch-Kongwak

B Grade 

Cora Lynn 38 def by 50 Inverloch-Kongwak

C Grade

Cora Lynn 36 def 21 Inverloch-Kongwak

17 & Under

Cora Lynn 30 def by 35 Inverloch-Kongwak

15 & Under 

Cora Lynn 23 def by 27 Inverloch-Kongwak

13 & Under

Cora Lynn 23 def 7 Inverloch-Kongwak