Pubished on 22 June 2021

By David Nagel

urely, we can trust the senior coaches and support staff in the West Gippsland Football Netball Competition (WGFNC) when they fill out the best players list at the completion of every game this year!

They’re all decent and honest blokes, each and every one of them, and there would be no keeping players off the impact list in order to hide their solid form from opposition scouting.

Of course, the above statements are all tongue-in-cheek – we know of at least one current senior coach in the WGFNC who has made an art-form of hiding his best players from opposition spies over the years.

In a league where filming games is at the club’s discretion – which will surely change in the near future – every available piece of information is important.

But what if we do take the votes given each week – by the coaches and support staff – at face value?

If we do, we get a strong understanding – the best understanding at our disposal – of the key players that have been the most consistent and had the biggest impact this year.

The list…well it’s chock full of classy and hard-working types that really won’t surprise anyone.

Reigning league best and fairest winner, Phillip Island dynamo and former North Melbourne and Melbourne utility Cam Pedersen, and Nar Nar Goon star Trent Armour, lead the way with 28 votes after just seven rounds of the season.

Trent Armour is having a super-consistent season for Nar Nar Goon. 234455 Picture: GARY SISSONS

Pedersen is one of only two players that has polled three best on grounds this year, joined by Kooweerup midfielder Mitch Cammarano, who sits in equal third position with Garfield hard-nut Jayden Goumas on 27 votes.

Armour is one of only two players to have caught the coach’s attention in all seven games this season, alongside Kilcunda-Bass star Darcy Atkins who sits proud and alone in fifth place with 26 votes.

Jayden Goumas. 193061 Pictures: STEWART CHAMBERS

Exciting Inverloch-Kongwak ruckman Clinton McCaughan (24 votes), Kooweerup veteran Tim Miller (22) and Dalyston’s Brad Monson and Kooweerup’s Trav Bindley on 21 votes round out the top-nine players of the year.

Bunyip-recruit Dylan Quirk is joined by Inverloch-Kongwak prime mover Corey Casey and classy Nar Nar Goon half back Ryan Bromley on 20 votes to round out a very impressive top dozen.

Of the players to have polled 10 or more votes this season, only Jack Griffiths (Warragul Industrials), Max Walton (Phillip Island) and Ryan Sparkes (Inverloch-Kongwak) join Armour and Atkins to poll in all games they have played this year.

Walton has played six games this season and Walton three, while Sparkes has taken to the field only two times for the Sea Eagles this year.

Of the 12 clubs in the WGFNC, Tooradin-Dalmore has the lowest-ranked best player with defender Brad Lenders leading the way with 13 votes.

The following number of players from each club have polled votes this season: 21 – Dalyston, Kilcunda-Bass, Korumburra-Bena and Tooradin-Dalmore, 20 – Cora Lynn, 19 – Bunyip, 18 – Kooweerup and Phillip Island, 16 – Inverloch-Kongwak and Nar Nar Goon, 14 – Garfield and Warragul Industrials.

Note: Clubs have the option of giving votes to six players each week, but on 11 occasions this year clubs have only given five players their tick of approval.

We gave votes from six down to two on those occasions.

Bunyip (Rd2 and 3), Cora Lynn (Rd2), Dalyston (Rd5), Garfield (Rd1), Inverloch-Kongwak (Rd1, 2 and 5), Kooweerup (Rd5), Nar Nar Goon (Rd1) and Warragul Industrials (Rd3) are the teams that felt six players were too many to highlight.

Cora Lynn only selected four players in round five.


28 Trent Armour -Nar Nar Goon

28 Cameron Pedersen – Phillip Island

27 Jayden Goumas – Garfield

27 Mitchell Cammarano – Kooweerup

26 Darcy Atkins – Kilcunda-Bass

24 Clinton McCaughan – Inverloch-Kongwak

22 Tim Miller – Kooweerup

21 Bradley Monson – Dalyston

21 Travis Bindley – Kooweerup

20 Dylan Quirk – Bunyip

20 Corey Casey – Inverloch-Kongwak

20 Ryan Bromley – Nar Nar Goon

19 Ben Fitzpatrick – Korumburra-Bena

19 Brendan Hermann – Nar Nar Goon

19 Eamon Trigg – Nar Nar Goon

19 Shane Brewster – Warragul Industrials

18 Jackson Dalton – Bunyip

18 Daniel Helmore – Garfield

18 Nathan Voss – Kooweerup

18 Corey Micari – Warragul Industrials

18 Jack Griffiths – Warragul Industrials

17 Robert Hill – Cora Lynn

17 Brendan Walsh – Dalyston

17 Max Blake – Phillip Island

17 Michael Debenham – Warragul Industrials

16 Adam Honeysett – Dalyston

16 Clay Tait – Dalyston

16 Thomas Hams – Inverloch-Kongwak

16 Jack Soroczynski – Kilcunda-Bass

16 Nathan Muratore – Kilcunda-Bass

16 Taylor Gibson – Kilcunda-Bass

15 Ryan Hillard – Garfield

15 Zac Soutar – Garfield

15 Jaymie Youle – Phillip Island

14 Jeb McLeod – Bunyip

14 Shem Hawking – Inverloch-Kongwak

14 Jordan Hill – Korumburra-Bena

13 Matthew Lello – Korumburra-Bena

13 Bradley Lenders – Tooradin-Dalmore

13 Will Jolley – Warragul Industrials

12 Matty O’Halloran – Bunyip

12 Christopher Johnson – Cora Lynn

12 Ethan McDonald – Kooweerup

12 Darcy Hargrave – Korumburra-Bena

12 Josh Hill – Korumburra-Bena

12 Trent Noy – Nar Nar Goon

12 Zak Vernon – Phillip Island

12 Joshua Mulheron – Tooradin-Dalmore

12 Steven Robb – Tooradin-Dalmore

11 Ryan Quirk – Bunyip

11 Jaxon Briggs – Cora Lynn

11 Nathan Gardiner – Cora Lynn

11 Michael Marotta – Dalyston

11 Michael Wallace – Garfield

11 Bailey Galante – Kooweerup

11 Max Walton – Phillip Island

11 Dylan Paarlberg – Tooradin-Dalmore

10 Agape Patolo – Bunyip

10 Nathan Walsh – Dalyston

10 Joseph Verleg – Garfield

10 Campbell McKenzie – Inverloch-Kongwak

10 Ryan Sparkes – Inverloch-Kongwak

10 Daniel Pearce – Phillip Island

10 Damien Lawrence – Warragul Industrials




20 Dylan Quirk

18 Jackson Dalton

14 Jeb McLeod

12 Matty O’Halloran

11 Ryan Quirk


17 Robert Hill

12 Christopher Johnson

11 Jaxon Briggs

11 Nathan Gardiner

9 Ryan Spierings

9 Thomas Stiglich


21 Bradley Monson

17 Brendan Walsh

16 Adam Honeysett

16 Clay Tait

11 Michael Marotta


27 Jayden Goumas

18 Daniel Helmore

15 Ryan Hillard

15 Zac Soutar

11 Michael Wallace


24 Clinton McCaughan

20 Corey Casey

16 Thomas Hams

14 Shem Hawking

10 Campbell McKenzie

10 Ryan Sparkes


26 Darcy Atkins

16 Jack Soroczynski

16 Nathan Muratore

16 Taylor Gibson

9 Matija Sigeti


27 Mitchell Cammarano

22 Tim Miller

21 Travis Bindley

18 Nathan Voss

12 Ethan McDonald


19 Ben Fitzpatrick

14 Jordan Hill

13 Matthew Lello

12 Darcy Hargrave

12 Josh Hill


28 Trent Armour

20 Ryan Bromley

19 Brendan Hermann

19 Eamon Trigg

12 Trent Noy


28 Cameron Pedersen

17 Max Blake

15 Jaymie Youle

12 Zak Vernon

11 Max Walton


13 Bradley Lenders

12 Joshua Mulheron

12 Steven Robb

11 Dylan Paarlberg

9 Liam Adams


19 Shane Brewster

18 Corey Micari

18 Jack Griffiths

17 Michael Debenham

13 Will Jolley